PUA Bootcamp

At PUA UK we recommend getting a pua bootcamp with either www.pickupartist.co.uk or PUA Method

When doing a PUA Bootcamp it is important that the instructors are legit and that you leave with a solid understand of what a guy who is good with women looks like. PUA Bootcamps London is the central place in the UK when you are looking to learn pick up.

By doing a UK PUA Bootcamp with either of those companies you are guaranteed that professional pick up experience. The PUA.co.uk team have met instructors from both companies and seen them infield and we were frankly, blown away by the experience. The instructors wing, demo and give constant feedback throughout the bootcamp.

PUA Method – The UK’s No:2 PUA Company in the UK. Why go with us? We Try Harder!

Pick Up Artist – The most Expensive Pick Up Artist School in the UK

Both of the PUA Bootcamps London mainly run from London but they also tour the UK and the rest of the world too. PUA Boot camps will leave you with the ability to attract and date the women that you desire. Which ever PUA Bootcamp London you choose, I can assure you that truely you are in good hands.

pua.co.uk – The Official Pick Up Artist Website for the UK (We are not affiliated with either company so their T&Cs always apply)